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Need your own search engine?

Search through millions of documents in less than a second

Most existing search engines drastically slow down when searching and sorting though 25 000 documents or more. That's why we built our own.

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Custom Shopping Carts

  • Save time while your customers manage their own cart items
  • Automatically dropship your products
  • Publish your store as a mobile app
  • Stay online 24/7
  • 100x faster than wordpress
  • 100x more robust than wordpress
  • We can build it on top of your existing website

Customer Dashboards

Save time and protect privacy rights while your customers manage their own data


Appify your solution

Android, iOS and progressive Web-Apps

Project Management, planning, designing, developing, publishing and maintenance. We can assist you with any part of the development process.

​Thank you for the great work. I like our website very much. It's very professional and relatable. If we want any additions, we will be very happy to contact you.

District chief

Federal economic chamber of Upper Austria

Dr. Franz Tauber

Questions, Answers & Promises

The service provider guarantees a fixed price within the scope of the project. He takes full responsibility for any further hours needed to guarantee an error-free product.
An eligible refund doesn't cost anything, unless a payment provider has a reverse charge fee.
In the unlikely event of a bug in the fulfillment software, we will have a record in multiple locations of every step performed by your stakeholders. This will help us reverse engineer a solution for your problem.
Unique work is billed hourly using estimates and an optional fixed price guarantee. The price of your monthly payment plan depends on how much performance (simultaneous users * complexity), data and support you will need.
  • Every offer must be prepaid
  • A project's limits must be clarified and agreed before development starts
  • All project planning must be prepaid at the hourly rate
Your purchase plus our receipt equals the signature on our offer. You may print our website-pages for additional proof of contract.
You may use a provided product's code without limits, but not for purposes other than that product. Also all our code remains the property of its human author. This is a way to provide high quality maintenance, business level guarantees and to protect the code from being exploited by legal-prowlers.
Mostly yes AND we will act as an advisor with your best interest in mind. But don’t ask for anything that isn’t child-friendly, family-friendly or against Christianity. We won't move outside of these boundaries, while preserving mutual personal conscience as a vital part of the agreement.
Both parties will honor the agreement and attempt to resolve disputes that may arise. Any violation of personal conscience of either buyer or seller may immediately void the contract. They agree to release each other from the remaining value of the contract by ceasing the exchange of value and returning all money that hasn’t been documentented as project hours at market rate. Both shall refrain from all legal action unless the violation of conscience appears non-personal or if either has committed a serious crime.
We specialize in GDPR Data Privacy. All our projects are built with data privacy in mind from the start. We can't recommend anyone better for this job.
Our servers are graded A+ by mozilla observatory. Our cloud is based in germany. We are protected against every type of modern attack. 50% of all development includes testing for quality and security leaks. Please encourage your users to use safe passwords, devices, networks and working environments. No one can protect you from negligent users, that would defy the very purpose of information technology.

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Henk Bosch

My name is Henk.
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