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Henk Bosch

Maximum longevity and portability

Low need for maintenance

Why build software with the most modern technology if you can jump technological curves? By using proven standards your will need the least future maintenance and:

  • Design with any experienced web designer
  • Publish on any standard webhost
  • Edit with any modern HTML Editor

ThankURL went the extra mile so you will never be locked into a single software or technology!


Privacy by default

Living boundaries

Based on centuries of top-level research, the GDPR currently is the most clearly defined legal document on privacy standards in the world. These regulations contain management principles and technical requirements that help to protect minors, prevent fraud, respect individual freedoms and balance the powers between governments and democracy. But most web agencies find it very hard to incorporate privacy standards. Our recently conducted study revealed that 99% of today's European business websites still do NOT comply. In order to implement privacy in a website, a web agency must:

  • understand the laws
  • build user experience on top of privacy principles
  • embed privacy into the core of their systems

This becomes almost impossible when using open source CMS software such as WordPress, Joomla and pretty much any other Website-Editor that does not censor third party plugins.

ThankURL embeds the GDPR privacy principles in the core of all of their software.

‚ÄčThank you for the great work. I like our website very much. It's very professional and relatable. If we want any additions, we will be very happy to contact you.

District chief

Federal economic chamber of Upper Austria

Dr. Franz Tauber



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  1. Serious security and privacy vulnerabilities
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